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Short and sweet

Nobody wants to read functions so long that they'd scare a printer.

We prefer to keep code short, elegant and easy to follow. Remember, Don't Repeat Yourself! Try to keep code blocks reusable, and if you find you've reached a level of indentation representing hadouken... it's probably a bug.

Shortened method syntax

D now supports shortened method syntax by default to make one-liner functions (such as properties) easier to write and follow.

pure @property x() => _x;
@property x(uint n) => _x = n;

Use the standard library

While compact, the standard library has some real gems:

Functional pipeline style

D's superpowers include UFCS (Universal Function Call Syntax), making the . operator incredibly powerful. In fact, it powers pipeline programming to make you more productive:

immutable wordCount = File(readable)